In 1972, Ralph Belt bought a couple of hives as a hobby and before long it became a full scale business. As this venture grew he passed on his wealth of knowledge to his son, Rick Belt, who has been working in the honey industry for over 30 years now. From those humble beginnings, the Belt family now works with around 50 beekeepers all over the province, and provides state of the art processing and packaging facilities for their high quality honey. They sell all sort of honey, from clover to buckwheat, and liquid to raw organic. It's their raw organic honey that really stands out. The term "100% Organic Honey" is very specific and implies a rigorous set of standards and conditions that must be adhered to by both the producer (Beekeeper) and the packager. All aspects of the honey production including, source of the nectar, forage area of the bees, management of the bees, extracting process, transportation, 'lot' management, processing temperature, integrity (no commingling with non-organic honey), screening, and, packaging materials, are taken into account in the certification process. In 2001, Golden Acres bought out McKenzie Foods Inc. which has now become the trusted brand for some of the best certified organic honey that Alberta produces. Rich, creamy, and full of all the nutrition that is captured and retained in raw honey. Thanks to the bees! And thanks to the Belt family!