Galimax Trading was incorporated in 2001 by Rudy and Faye Knitel and their Italian partner Karis Davoglio. During this time Galimax brought high-end European food items into Alberta which they marketed into restaurants in Calgary.

After building a customer base and lasting relationships in the city of Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise, Galimax took the local marketing to an entirely new level and focused on “Bringing the Best from the Best to the Best.” This meant taking fresh local Alberta food from the best farmers and growers, and bringing it to restaurants who demand quality local goods. We are also proud to say that we carry local organic goods. This means we bring fresh local and organic goods to your door at quality guaranteed prices.

Galimax Trading expanded and built a CFIA approved warehouse in Nobleford, Alberta to serve our customers better and help sustain growing demand for fresh local and organic goods. This warehouse consists of a CFIA approved Registered Egg Grading Station A-7, which gives Galimax the opportunity to serve a new growing market.

Mans Eggs was started in late 2011 and now markets eggs grown and graded in Alberta alongside the fresh produce, milk, oils, berries, potatoes and many other items.