A true labour of love for owner Annie Moss and her husband Randy Hooper, Discovery Organics began in 1998 with a mission to help develop markets for local organic farmers.

Randy and Annie know a thing or two about good food. Annie grew up in a resourceful family where wild harvesting, canning and the sharing of community resources got you through the winter. Many of her siblings hopped off the grid and farm organically. Before opening Discovery, Annie worked at Wild West Organics, a co-operatively run organic produce company (RIP Wild West!).

Around the same time, Randy Hooper was farming on Salt Spring Island, and developed a farmstand and organic grocery store, providing an outlet for organics from other farms, as well as locally produced yogurt, tofu, bread and cheese. They met on the phone line and it wasn’t long before they were talking about ways to bring more organic into the world.

More than fifteen years later, Discovery Organics operates from a large warehouse in East Vancouver. Annie, Randy and their staff of fifty passionate individuals are working hard to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here at home, as well as abroad.