Science and innovation are usually not associated with jam; after all it’s just fruit and sugar, right? While that may have been true in the past when moms would preserve fruit with a traditional 50/50 recipe and high sugar content, today we have the ability to make more nutritious fruit spreads with fruit and less sugar. To do so requires a dedication to product development and innovation, while building upon a deep knowledge of food production.

When we began in 1989 Crofter’s was a small start-up company, but quality was already a top priority. Resources were devoted to infrastructure that allowed for the production of high quality, organic, safe, nutritious, low sugar fruit spreads. A well equipped on-site laboratory staffed by two employees represented 30% of our workforce in 1990. Our lab has always played a leading role in our product development, ingredient, and finished product testing.

Several years before the organic industry had matured our plant in Parry Sound was one of the first in Canada to manufacture almost exclusively organic products. Crofter's was supplying natural and organic food markets with reduced sugar products long before the popularity of the Atkins Diet and the recent scientific opinion to reduce sugar consumption.

It may seem unthinkable that we used to live a world where safety protocols at a food plant were not as developed as they are today, but in our early years that’s the way it was. As we already believed food safety was of utmost importance we did something about it. In the mid 1990’s we instituted a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program to monitor every step of our manufacturing process, though not yet required by government or major retailers.

Crofter’s has been a certified organic manufacturer since 1990, years before any North American regulatory requirements for organic products were in effect. In 1992 we began testing for pesticide residue in our laboratory to validate the organic certifications, which at that time were still voluntary standards.

As the company has grown, the consistent belief in validated quality and food safety programs has resulted in the development of our laboratory into a key component of our production, research, product development and quality assurance systems.

We are committed to delivering premium, affordable, organic products backed by impeccable production methods and unmatched food safety standards.