Confetti Sweets makes Totally Awesome Cookies, baked fresh with ingredients even a grade two’er can read. The cookies are produced locally in Sherwood Park and sold primarily at local farmers’ markets as they love meeting their customers personally and being involved in the community. The company started out as a hobby in 2008 for Kathy Leskow, to allow her to stay home with her 3 kids. Today it has turned into a full-on cookie company and Kathy loves every minute of it! "I love my job - Baking cookies all day, being surrounded by mountains of chocolate, being part of the local Farmers Markets, it's awesome! And my kids think it's pretty cool to have an endless supply of freshly baked cookies on hand." Confetti Sweets is so excited to work with local suppliers in producing a range of Certified Organic cookies specifically for the Organic Box. Hope you love the cookies!