The Chiechi family has been growing organic since 1982. Richard began farming at the age of 7 in San Jose, CA, growing cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches. He later established a commercial farm with his wife, Cindy, in Butte County, California. A neighbor turned them on to the benefits of organic farming, and they have never looked back. "We noticed almost immediately that the sugar in the kiwi and persimmons was better without chemical fertilizers. We are completely organic, even our family garden. It's a good feeling to be encouraging healthy eating habits for our entire family." - Cindy Chiechi The Chiechis use the geographic and weather patterns of their location to their advantage. Butte County experiences a very cold frost system in winter that combats insects. The plants go dormant in winter and wake up in springtime, refreshed and ready to produce. The Chiechis have a watering system in place that helps the plants in case of a spring frost when blossoms maybe pushing. Ample sunshine and heat during summer helps crops to mature. The kiwifruit are characteristically sweet, and a beautiful green.