Life starts to stir at Breadland Organic Bakery, early in the morning when the master bakers & owners Csaba and Agnes Nemeth starts baking fresh bread to be ready for each morning. 

Our bakery has a wonderful selection of rustic organic sourdough breads.

Breadland Organic whole grain bakery was started in 2007 by two European master bakers Agnes and Csaba Nemeth. Csaba and Agnes have over 30 years of European experience. They are the co-creators of the Royal Hungarian Baking Guild, a group that thrives to bake traditional European breads using traditional centuries-old methods.

At Breadland we make our product from scratch with special care and attention to satisfy our customers. We believe in the values of organic farming as well as environmentally and economically sustainable lifestyle. We also have a vision of improving the lives of our customers with products and education that support health and well-being. Breadland is all about fresh and healthy bread. Agnes and Csaba want to convince you that healthy can also be delicious.

Breadland pic