Founded in 2003, with the goal of promoting the development of small scale organic banana farmers, BOS has grown to 619 growers, over 521 hectares of land (which is equivalent to one city block each). They are committed to Fair Trade and achieving economic, environmental, and social sustainability for their members and employees. Through Fair Trade, BOS has been able to provide social services, workshops and programs that have made a substantial impact in the community. Being Fair Trade certified, not only means that the growers get a fair price, but more importantly that they aren’t at the whim of the fluctuating commodity markets and have financial security that has allowed them to prosper. Additionally, a Fair Trade social premium of $1 per box, and sales of over 7,000 cases of Fair Trade Bananas a week means BOS is receiving $7,000 dollars per week for community projects. What have they done with their Fair Trade social premiums? Medical insurance, scholarships, a microcredit program, technical training, adult literacy programs, English lessons, women empowerment initiatives, cultural activities such as traditional costumes and dance, sponsorship of local soccer teams and youth programs including summer school