Don’t let our lower price fool you. We use the same process and ingredients as every
other legitimate bone broth company. Free range/grass fed, all organic, simmered
for well over 24 hours, all that jazz. What really sets us apart from the pack is our
company philosophy.

At Borderland Food Co. we believe that everyone should experience the amazing
health benefits of bone broth. But we realize that in order for that to be a reality, the
broth has to be affordable and purchasable on a regular basis. Since the inception of
our company, we have strived to provide the highest quality broth at an affordable
price and we have succeeded.

A little more about our broth- we know that you like to not only sip your broth, but
you also like to cook with it. We don’t want the flavour of our broth to highjack your
wicked recipes! It’s for this reason that we keep our broth recipes simple- so you
can cook with it, sip it, or bathe in it**- no matter how you use our broth, you will
never be disappointed.

** We respectfully suggest that you don’t actually bathe in bone broth. It’s somewhat weird but mostly it would just be expensive and slippery.