Canadian owned Black River Juice Company had its humble beginning in the cherry orchards of Prince Edward County. Enterprising local farmers introduced tasty pressed berry juices using their own fruit crops, and soon found their workloads increasing as demand grew rapidly.

Preferring to concentrate on farming, the farmers chose two city boys, Keith Wallace and Grant Keane of Toronto, to receive and carry forward the mission of pressing and marketing those spectacular fresh juices.

By June of 1980, Black River Juice Company Ltd. was incorporated and grew rapidly, adding pressing and fruit storage capacity to support a growing product line.  While locally grown fruit sourced in Ontario remains the focus for Black River Juice , the product line now includes premium exotic juices from all parts of the world. 

Industry leaders in specialty fruit juices for more than 30 years, Black River’s experience selecting, buying, ripening and blending fruit, connections with local growers and exacting standards promise the highest quality, selection and freshest taste all year long.