We are an entrepreneurs group solid experienced in the food sector. In 1994, we decided to unite all our competences and aspirations to make something actually good for us and for everyone.

Good for respecting the nature and the animals; good for making no use of harmful substances; good for being simply but wisely made… thus we started on the organic path.

We believe in this cause and invested in it all our forces. Our products are sons of the Mediterranean diet and express the flavors of our lands. Thanks to the combination of organic farming and advanced industrial technologies, we can produce high quality foodstuffs at a fair price, sitting down at the table of several families in more than 40 countries, that believe in the organic cause and trust in the “made in Italy”, and eventually chose a Bioitalia product. We changed the way the organic sector works, making it affordable for everyone, not only for dedicated circuits.

The organic cause can make sense only in this way, thus producing concrete results for our planet, our health and our children.