Bear and the Flower Farm outdoor raised free range pork is happy year round! In the winter the pigs live in a 11 acre paddock to keep them warm and healthy with Alberta’s up and down climate. To many people, they go ok…how big is that? To put it into perspective the winter paddock is just about 10 football fields’ big, lots of space. When you look into the winter paddock you cannot see all of the pigs without walking around. They find fun spots to play in mud wallows and root.

When summer arrives Bear and the Flower Farm naturally raised pigs go out to pasture where they sped time playing in the water and sunbathing. We electric fence the pigs in large sections of grassy fields. The pigs live 100% outdoors. They burrow in straw on cooler nights and also have huts that move around with them.

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The 3 breeds we choose to cross with each other are Duroc, Berkshire, and Landrace. Our combined breeds of pigs are as follows:


Often referred to as the Black Angus of the pork industry! The Black Angus breed of cattle is well known for its superior quality. This same phenomenon is also true of Duroc pork. The Duroc breed excels for meat quality and eating characteristics documented in tests performed by the National Pork Producers. Duroc pigs are one of the fastest growing breeds of pig when they're kept on a consistent and nutritious diet. They're also very hardy. Duroc pigs are favored by hog farmers who want to keep their pigs outdoors because Durocs tend to stay healthy and happy in both cold and warm climates.


Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. It is thought by many to be the Kobe beef of pork. This pig is hardy, has good mothering capabilities and performs very well outdoors, especially when grazing on pasture.


There is an admirable meatiness about them on foot and particularly on the rail. The rumps are long  and the hams are plump but not overly fatty. The sides are long, of uniform depth, with sixteen or seventeen ribs per side! The Landrace breed is promoted on its skill to cross well with other pig breeds. Additionally, Landrace breeds are recognized for their lengthy body, a high proportion of carcass weight in the loin and ham, and the best amount of meat. The Landrace female pigs are prolific for farrowing large pigs.

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We sent our pork into the laboratory for testing and found that not only is our pork naturally rich in Omega-3s and other nutrients but we are 3 x the required amount for certification. Bear and the Flower pork now meets that qualification for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a rich natural source of Omega-3s. Because we care so much about not only what our pigs eat but what you eat, we created a proprietary feed blend that naturally enriches our pork. 

For every 100g/ serving of Bear Flower pork you are receiving your daily intake of Omega-3s. Pretty amazing hey?