It was funded in 1970 and each day the company has been developed based over three fundamental pillars which are: Work, respect and commitment upon all the steps in its activities. This position is deeply applied when serving each client and also the relationship to our suppliers, partners and collaborators. The result is a solid evolution, high conceptualized in whole market including the International market share.

Furthermore, whole qualification which is essential for the development in any activity, ASF has got such a differential due to it had been created by a simple man, from the farm who is very proud of his origin. As it’s seen, he was able to overtake each obstacle with a huge faith, making each new conquest, a real God’s gift.

Always, searching for new paths to improve the quality in the work, the family Andrade has been designing a brand with great responsibility in which it is currently part of the leading group from this market segment. Certainly new challenges will come along the way which will be considered tools to strengthen the basic principles from its creators and move forward with great effort , joy and determination.