Denise and Brian Andersen, along with their two daughters, farm in the beautiful Columbia Basin, near Othello Washington. Being born and raised on a farm “infused farming in their blood,” so they began farming in 1984, only four years after graduating from high school. Working with land and considering the value of soil health and productivity lead to the Andersen’s desire to become certified organic in 2003.

“Organic farming has become a rewarding way to farm. We enjoy the challenge of producing a healthy crop…it never ceases to amaze us just how good a crop can be when it is grown in healthy soil.”

Since being stewards of the land is an integral part of the Andersen Family’s farming philosophy, water conservation is a high priority. One way they conserve this valuable natural resource is by using drip irrigation. During harvest time, instead of throwing out the used drip tape, the Andersen’s retrieve and recycle it. Brian says, “This is an enormous task, but one that we feel is worth the effort. Learning is a daily process when your farming partner is Mother Nature.”

The Andersen family strives to grow and ship the highest quality product. One of the ways they do this is by applying composted manures months before planting. This ensures they are planting their onions into healthy soil. Their label statement is “GROWN HEALTHIER” and it truly is.