The Organic Box was started by a few farming families back in 2010 as a way to reach the consumer directly. It was grass-roots then, and its grass-roots now. The Organic Box is still run by the same people, with the same farmers as in the beginning. We have added some new food producers to our ranks, and added some new markets to our reach, but things are still all about the food, the relationships and the people.

Tell our story.

Ambassadors are an important way to tell the story of The Organic Box and of the farmers, producers, artisans, and members that make up our food family. We are different than other grocery delivery services because we are what we say we are. Locally owned, locally sourced, and focused on a win-win through the entire food chain from soil to mouth.

The best quality, the best price, and the best service is what we stand for. We want families to work with us to fill their kitchen and create the kind of long-term, lasting relationships that make direct selling work in our food system.

More than just coupon-slinging.

When you sign up to be an ambassador for The Organic Box, you are making a statement that you want to be part of something bigger than just chasing discounts and sending coupons around to your networks. You are saying you want to be part of our family and make it possible for us to extend our reach without having the same marketing budget as the mass-market food companies.

We will give you everything you need to spread the word - digital assets, access to the founders and owners, relationships with the same farmers who's food you will find in your box, some swag to show off your connection, and a constant dialogue of content that you can use - exclusively - to spread the word. 

Do you want to know your farmers personally? You will when you become an ambassador for The Organic Box. And you will be able to say with integrity and confidence that you are helping to lead the charge in the local and organic food movement in Alberta.

(Oh - we'll feed you too!)

What You Will Get

As an ambassador to The Organic Box - you will get FOOD! We offer food credits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to our ambassadors that you can use to feed yourself and your family, plus a little extra to spread around your network if you like.

(Ok, You will Get a Coupon Too)

We want you to build long-lasting relationships with your network and our food family. We will issue you a code that you can give out to your network - but please no trolling around handing it out to anyone! We want you to be a true ambassador, telling our story and encouraging people to try this different way of getting food in their kitchens. And, if they stick with us, we'll continue to reward you - as long as they are ordering, you are eating for free! 

As you build your network of members, we will continue to increase the amount of food you get, and you can share with anyone you like.


Retweets, Shares, etc. are nice. We love them. But we love original content even more. As an ambassador you will get direct access to our owners, founders, farmers, team members, facilities, whatever you like. Have a question about the service? Want to know what's happening at Sundog Organic Farm this week? Know someone who needs help with a product or service issue? No problem. We have you covered. You will be on the inside, part of the family.

Get Social

It is said that people work on Google and play on Facebook. We've got the online advertising covered - but playtime is when our team of Ambassadors really shine. We want you to follow us on our social media platforms, share content that you think your network will enjoy (please no auto-shares - curated shares only).

We expect at a minimum, 2-3 social activities per week from our ambassadors.

Tell Us How Its Going

Feedback is the cornerstone of our service. We learn everyday about our successes, our challenges and our failures. You are in the community watching it unfold and if you see an opportunity for us to make a difference let us know.

If you find a topic you think we should cover, content we are missing, or anything else - reach out. Talk to our owners and we will make it happen. Welcome to the Driver's Seat.

Original Content

Original content is how we drive commitment to our service. There is a lot of noise in the world, especially in the food industry. Truth and authenticity is only achieved through original content and so we want you to contribute to our wealth of knowledge - either through your own blogs, or guest posts on our blog. Perhaps there is some other way too?

Any of your original content will be reviewed and shared on our platforms as well so you'll get the benefit of cross-promotion too.

We want at least one original piece of content each month that we can share on our platforms.


Getting someone to try our service is only half a win. We want commitment to the food family. This is why you will be rewarded both when a new member signs up and as they continue to order. This way we are truly Growing Better Together.

Getting Started

Ready to get on board? We're ready to have you.

Get in touch with us by sending an email [] or using the chat bubble on our site. Danny, one of our founders, will be in touch with you right away to discuss the next steps. If you want to be in our food family, we want to see how we can work together.

Talk to you soon!

A Few Terms and Conditions

There is always some fine print. Here is ours.

  1. The Organic Box is a positive organization and focuses on positive messages only. We never talk about what we aren't - only what we are, and we never take shots at our competitors.
  2. We choose our ambassadors carefully, and can terminate the relationship if we don't feel that things are working out.
  3. Ambassadors aren't employees of The Organic Box, and can't represent themselves as such.
  4. We will provide you with some initial intensive training on how our service works, who we are, and set some boundaries for you. If you want, come down and do the training right in our production facility in Edmonton!
  5. Truth is always the most important thing. We are authentic, and hold our integrity above all else.