The Organic Box isn’t just a food delivery service.

We're committed to supporting local farmers and producers who provide you with fresh organic food, grown right here at home. We have a comprehensive grocery catalogue with all your favorite natural brands, to help make us a one stop shop for everything Organic and Natural.  Yes, we conveniently deliver it to your door. But it’s the story that goes into the box that matters most.

When you sign up to be a food family member, you're helping us share our story. And with different box options to choose from, getting local organic food has never been easier.

Step 1


Select your Organic Box.

Choose from many different box types and frequencies of delivery to fit your lifestyle. Don’t worry all boxes are fully customizable!

You can set your account to receive an order weekly or bi-weekly delivery. The Organic Box is flexible allowing you to skip, pause or cancel at any time!

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Step 2


Choose your Organic Box contents.

Love your Curated Box? Then each week, we'll send you an email to review the contents of the box. Remove produce items you don't want & substitute in other produce you prefer. The box is balanced by the value of each item within the box price. Add items from our catalogue that is brimming with Natural and Organic items.

More of a DIY person? Then each week, we’ll send you an email reminding you to add items to your box. Shop our catalogue, fill your box and have it shipped on your next delivery day!

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Step 3


Add Recurring Items.

Need eggs every week? Put them in your regular delivery. They will come on every order! Most catalogue items have a recurring item option so customize your orders your way.

Signed up for a Curated Box and don't want to decide? Customization is not required. Sit back & relax while we deliver the preset box to your door.

Step 4


Receive your Organic Box.

Choose to receive a delivery every week or bi-weekly. We'll build your Organic Box and deliver it to your door between 9:00am and 10:00 pm or choose one of our pick-up locations. The day and time that your box is delivered depends on whether you want delivery to your residence, work or a pick-up location.

And don't forget our satisfaction guarantee. At every step, if something's not right, we'll fix it–guaranteed.

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