The Green Pantry becomes The Organic Box. Make sure you don't miss a single delivery.

Hi, I’m Danny Turner, co-founder of the Organic Box.

When our family created The Organic Box, we had a dream of providing Albertans with a true, comprehensive, organic experience. From the beginning we understood this meant more than better flavor and nutrition, more than the ability to find thousands of natural, local, organic items at your fingertips.

To us, the organic experience meant being part of a thoughtful food cycle that cares for people and the environment. We wanted to partner with hardworking local, organic farmers, like us, who shared our passion to nurture healthier communities. As those partnerships began to form, we created a delivery system to bring our fresh produce, meat, dairy and groceries to our Food Family. As we often say – it’s like having “the very best of a farmer’s market delivered to your doorstep”.

Now, we’re thrilled to bring that service to your doorstep as The Green Pantry becomes The Organic Box.

Under the marvelous stewardship of Sue, Lindsay and Nicole, The Green Pantry has been a vital part of Central Alberta. The caring philosophies of The Green Pantry made them a natural fit with The Organic Box, and we are delighted they are going to continue being a part of this evolution. We’re working together behind the scenes to make sure you continue to have the best experience possible. On this website, you’ll find all the information you need to ensure a seamless migration from your current Green Pantry account to your new account with our Food Family at The Organic Box.

We invite you to join our food journey as we continue exploring certified organic food and finding ways to eat sustainably. From our family to yours, let’s grow better together.


Don't miss the Box

Thank you so much for becoming a member of our food family. We have so many wonderful things planned for this season and can hardly wait to start sharing with everyone.

Please complete the following steps to migrate your account from The Green Pantry to The Organic Box - it should only take a few minutes

Six Steps to Confirm Your Account Settings

Step 1:

Reset password and login:       Password Reset

Step 2:

Re-enter payment information:       Billing

Step 3:

Select food preferences:       Food Preferences

Step 4:

Choose a base box and frequency:       Our Boxes

Step 5:

Setup any future holidays:       Holiday Stops

Step 6:

Explore all the Central Alberta products:       The Green Pantry

Step 7:

Make your first order:       My Box

How it Works

Step 1


Select your Organic Box.

Select from four different box sizes, the membership type and frequency of delivery (weekly or bi-weekly).

Step 2


Choose your Organic Box contents.

Customize the produce selections and complete the rest of your shopping list from over 3,000 organic items.

Step 3


Receive your Organic Box.

We'll build your Organic Box and deliver it to your door (where available) or have it ready for you to pick-up at our click and collect locations.

Step 4