The Gathering Place is nourishing the co-operative spirit of Albertans. We realized that farmers needed a better and more sustainable way to sell their products and bring local food directly to customers and that we could do it if we worked together. The Gathering Place is where we come together as a community–connected by farm-fresh food. We’re a part of this community, just like you, so we know what it’s like to drive a long way to get groceries. We’re developing programs with you and your health and safety in mind, especially during these challenging times. Our Meals on Wheels and Meals in the Field programs will bring our farmers’ food right to your doorstep. Out and about and want to pick up some food? Come on by and use our curbside pick-up service. We’re located on Highway 831 between secondary Highway 656 and Township Road 602 near Waskatenau in what used to be The Maple Grill.

Some like-minded people in Waskatenau, AB came together and gave the idea some life, after coming to see what the marketing and selling challenges were. They decided to bring together many of the local farmers in the area to create a food hub for producers. The purpose of the food hub was to showcase local products and create an integrated food system within one location. Its intent was to have local producers provide their products for direct sale to customers and to feature a bistro where customers could taste the products before buying. Producer-members will be able to utilize this facility to showcase their canned, prepared, or baked goods in the market.