As the summer of 2015 comes to a close and we move into the harvest, processing and storage of this year's winter crop, it is amazing to think that this is our SIXTH year operating our program in Edmonton.  Its hard to believe that the little food distribution company that Miranda and I started in 2010 has grown to be one of the greatest Organic Food Hubs in North America.  We are so proud of all the support we have received over the years, and thankful for what that support means to small family farmers and food producers like us. When we first started in 2010, we were focused on simply delivering our produce program to Edmonton from of our 200 square foot cooler in south Edmonton.  Today, we have over 50 primary producers who rely on our greatly expanded food hub and distribution centre to send our products to thousands of families and businesses across Northern Alberta. We are counting on the continued support of our community and we move into the next phase of our growth plan - significantly increasing the production and availability of Alberta Organic foods in all categories across the province over the next 3 seasons.  It is your support that makes it happen and we are grateful for it. Referrals and recommendations make up the core of our business - as always we encourage our members to introduce their friends and families to the gift of good, wholesome food produced by people in your community.  Fall is here, lets eat! All the best, Danny Co-Founder and Owner