<p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">We are halfway through the inaugural celebration of coffee in Edmonton.&#160; For those of you that are new to the social media scene, #YEGCoffeeWeek is a hashtag dedicated to posts about coffee in Edmonton.&#160; Perusing the various feeds for this tag will show you pictures, tweets and posts about all of the fun and creative events going on in Edmonton as well as just some delicious-looking coffee drinks.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Here at The Organic Box, we are celebrating Coffee Week by showcasing our local coffee suppliers.&#160; We offer many different types of coffee roasts for all of the coffee lovers out there and when you are buying coffee from us you can be sure that the beans are Certified Organic and Fair Trade, meaning that the coffee is&#160;</span>grown in a sustainable manner and harvested ethically.</p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">For roasted-to-order beans, check out NXT coffee.&#160; NXT roasts small batches of coffee for Organic Box members.&#160; If you like your coffee super-fresh, this is the bean for you.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Earth&#8217;s General store is another supplier of fresh-roasted coffee here at The Organic Box.&#160; We offer three different blends so you can find your perfect cup.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">If you want your at-home coffee purchase to make more of a difference, consider Earth Coffee.&#160; This Edmonton-based company ensures that every time you buy a bag of coffee, a child in a developing country is fed for a week through the UN World Food Programme.</span></p>