<h2></h2> <h2>Winter Winter Everywhere</h2> This week you've probably heard lots of news about blizzards in the BC Interior, Alberta, Saskachewan, Manitoba and the Maritimes. All the highways from Vancouver eastbound were closed at one point, making it impossible for us to get our trucks here on time. We did our best to weather this weather and it happens every year so we're pretty good at anticipating the issue and getting the food through. However, something unexpected is happening this weekend and it is going to impact us for the next two or threeweeks. This morning, it is only 1 degree C in Salinas, California. Last night they had their second hard frost, and will have another tonight. In the Mexicali region where our organic farming co-ops are located they are expecting an overnight low of minus 5 degrees C. This means the fresh produce we had planned for the next few weeks is freezing and will be lost. Never fear! We have lots of roots in storage and the fresh fruit is still coming in so we will still be able to get you a 'roots and fruits' box. Plus the strong relationships we have with our producers means we'll be at the front of the line when the next crop comes in. There are also some heartier greens like chard and collards that will survive the freeze and we will be sure to get those in for you. We already have the lettuce for next week enroute too. The combination of heavy winter conditions in Western Canada and freezing in California and Northern Mexico really highlights the fragility of our food system and how important our work at The Organic Box is to our community. It is generally accepted that a four day interruption in food supply to Edmonton during the winter months is all it would take for the fresh product in our city to be depleted. We work very hard to extend the growing season in Alberta and to find ways to store or save fresh product over the winter to reduce the amount of food we need to import from down south. Every year we improve our variety, quantity and quality of food and as I wrote last week, our friends at Noble Spuds in Coaldale are readying the start of their certified organic greenhouse to bring us a strong variety of fresh produce year round. At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to get more of your shopping basket filled by Alberta and BC food producers. We can do it! You are helping! Havea Great Week! Danny. Founder, The Organic Box. <h2>FeaturedProducts</h2> <table cellspacing="&quot;15&quot;" cellpadding="&quot;0&quot;" bgcolor="&quot;#edf0e9&quot;"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="&quot;center&quot;" valign="&quot;top&quot;"><img title="&quot;Sundog02&quot;" src="&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Sundog(2).jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Sundog02&quot;" width="&quot;204&quot;" height="&quot;146&quot;" /></td> <td> <h2>Sundog Farms</h2> James and Jenny started Sundog Farms from a lot on James' parents farm. Last year they were able to break ground on their very own land just outside of Gibbons, AB. Moving into their last year of transition, by 2014 Sundog will be fully certified organic. We are very excited about this, and have consistently been amazing by the quality of vegetables that James delivers to us every week. As we venture further into the root crop season for our local producers it is as important as ever to lend them our support to carry them through into the next growing season... and we have lots available from Sundog this week: - Red Banana Potatoes - wonderful roasting potatoes with a creamy flesh that's full of flavour. - Parsnip - a great substitute for carrots. Perfect when roasted, mashed, or added to soups. - Green Cabbage - add wonderful crunch to your salads, or add as garnish to a great soup. - Blue/Purple Potatoes - fun colours in these potatoes make them a kid favourite. - Red Beets - colourful and flavourful, these beets are wondeful when grated over a salad. - Striped Beets - AKA chioggia beets. Try them roasted with parsnips and potatoes! - Thumbelina Carrots - little balls of carrot goodness! These guys are unique in shape and taste.</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="&quot;center&quot;" valign="&quot;top&quot;"><img title="&quot;meyerlemons01&quot;" src="&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/meyerlemons(1).JPG&quot;" alt="&quot;meyerlemons01&quot;" /></td> <td> <h2>Meyer Lemons</h2> If you're averse to the puckering sourness of regular lemons then you have to try a Meyer Lemon. Believed to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, Meyer's a much sweeter and milder than regular lemons. They have a thin peel as well which makes them perfect for marmalades, lemonades, or as garnishes to your greens. One of our favourite recipes is a Meyer Lemon bread pudding, or an oven roasted chicken basted with Meyer Lemons. So tasty! So sweet!</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="&quot;center&quot;" valign="&quot;top&quot;"><img title="&quot;Bulkgoods&quot;" src="&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/bulkgoods.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Bulkgoods&quot;" /></td> <td> <h2>Bulk and Repack!</h2> If you haven't perused our 'Organic Market' enough, now is the time! Especially to check out our <strong>Dry Goods and Snacks </strong>sections to discover our bulk and repack goods. We have so many wonderful treats waiting for you that we package and label with our 'Organic Box' brand... everything from <strong>dried cranberries</strong>, to<strong> jasmine rice!</strong> <strong>Banana chips, soyabeans, bulghur wheat, cane sugar, apple rings, and medjool dates!! </strong>If you love buying bulk, then keep it up, and let us repack it for you. If you see any products missing that you'd like us to carry just let us know and we'll do our best to bring it in.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>