Winter in Alberta is officially here.&#160; All it takes is one winter storm and in the blink of an eye we have a blanket of snow that makes it feel finally like winter. Our team LOVES wintertime!&#160; The challenges that winter brings gives us the best opportunity to shine.&#160; Over the years we have learned several things about food delivery in Edmonton over the winter months and every year we put our knowledge to the test.&#160; It is always a challenge and we always learn and grow. <strong>Winter Home Delivery</strong> Delivering fresh produce in the winter comes with challenges.&#160; Immediately we think of the temperature.&#160; When it is colder than -10&#730;C, fragile produce can be damaged in a short period of time.&#160; We rely on your delivery instructions to guide us in making our deliveries over these colder weeks. Our planning and delivery team strives to deliver the boxes at roughly the same time week over week.&#160; In the event of a winter storm, road conditions can ruin even the best laid plans.&#160; Over the winter months, keep an eye on your email for delivery notifications and be sure to keep your walkways clear and your house numbers visible to make delivery a breeze! <strong>Winter Loves Local</strong> It is easy to forget about the bounty of local produce and products that we carry in the wintertime.&#160; Our facility allows us to put more food in the ground over the summer to draw down from over the winter. All of our potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, squash, parsnips and sunchokes were grown in Alberta and will be plentiful all winter long.&#160; On the non-produce side, we carry Alberta milk, meat, grains, herbs, snacks, tea and baked goods to keep you warm and fed, locally. Your commitment to local organic producers has allowed our growth in space, which we have committed back to the producers for long-term storage.&#160; The growers have committed to you, by growing and storing their wonderful bounty so that all winter long we can enjoy the best local has to offer. We really believe that together, we can grow a better tomorrow and sometimes it takes a good winter snowfall to realize how far we have come.&#160; In years past, winter would mean the most meager local choices.&#160; We are proud to be changing the food economy in Alberta with you. So this year, when an avalanche inevitably closes the mountain passes and disrupts the shipping channels that the prairies rely on for fresh produce, we will have beautiful, local food available and we will smile.