Did you see that right?&#160; A Bacon Avocado?&#160; Not to worry, this is not a new hybrid food that gives cause for concern.&#160; The Bacon Avocado is a new-to-us avocado variety that happens to be in season right now. Like most fruit, there are several varieties of avocado that all have unique characteristics, reminding us once again how great nature is. The Bacon Avocado is known by its smooth green skin and pale, almost yellow flesh.&#160; It has a lower oil content than the variety we are most familiar with &#8211; The Hass Avocado. Around here, we really like the flavour and texture of the Bacon Avocado and our side-by-side comparisons have been really fun and tasty. Unlike the Hass Avocado, the Bacon Avocado does not see the characteristic skin darkening during the ripening phase.&#160; The smooth, green skin will darken only slightly, so a better indication of ripeness is the gentle pressure test. Give your avocado a light squeeze and if it yields slightly, then you are ready to dig in! <strong>Avocado Facts</strong> <ul> <li>Avocados must be picked to ripen.&#160; An avocado will mature on the tree, but will stay firm until picked.&#160; An avocado must be mature when picked to ripen properly.</li> <li>Avocados are ethylene-sensitive.&#160; If you want to speed up the ripening process, place them in an enclosed area with an ethylene-releasing fruit like an apple or banana.&#160; Once ripe, they can be refrigerated for a few days.</li> </ul>