When it comes to a healthy lifestyle,<strong> The Organic Box </strong>believes having access to fresh, local, organic food items is imperative. In early 2015, we partnered with the <strong>Wood Buffalo Food Bank </strong>to bring local, organic products from our Edmonton Food Hub to Fort McMurray. At first, we started by offering our special food for pick-up once a week. The process was (and still is) simple: <ol> <li>Visit our <a href="http://www.theorganicbox.ca/signup" target="_blank">website</a>.</li> <li>Sign-up.</li> <li>Place your order from our Organic Marketplace.</li> <li>Pick-up your order at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.</li> </ol> Over the next few months, we watched our Fort Mac Food Family grow. To accommodate this, we increased our pick-ups to twice a week and added another pick-up location. As a food delivery service that operates from Edmonton, we wanted to find a way to continue this service in Fort McMurray. Less than a year later, we couldn&#8217;t be happier to be providing convenient home deliveries throughout your community. The Organic Box realizes that finding fresh, whole foods at reasonable prices is a challenge in Northern Albertan communities. When you join our Food Family, you&#8217;re not just signing up to for a convenient way to fill your fridge. You&#8217;re also buying your groceries at <strong>Edmonton prices</strong>. We do our research, too. You can trust we&#8217;re giving you the best quality, organic, local produce, meat and pantry items we can. That&#8217;s because we carefully source all of our products. If it's in the box, it deserves to be there. And we deliver it all right to your door. By providing the Wood Buffalo Region with The Organic Box, we&#8217;re helping create a healthy, sustainable food system that benefits not only our members, but also the farmers and producers that supply our products. Even better? Anything extra, such as pick-up boxes or surplus from our Edmonton Food Hub, is donated to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank every week &#8212; a service that has helped feed over 7,000 Fort McMurrayites since this time last year. Giving back to our community is in our roots, and our connections to Fort McMurray wouldn't be the same without our partnership with the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. The Organic Box is in Fort McMurray every Thursday and Saturday, with home delivery and two pick-up locations available. Say hello to our regional lead ambassador, Krista, who takes care of all our home deliveries in your community. <p style="text-align: left;"><u>Pick-up locations</u></p> [one_half] Wood Buffalo Food Bank 10117 King Street [/one_half] [one_half_last] Sangster's Organic Market 395 Loutit Road [/one_half_last] &nbsp; &nbsp;