All over the news we have been hearing about rising food prices. The reality of living in a place where the majority of the food is imported means we are often at the mercy of the exchange rate. One of the best ways to take control of your food budget is to get to know your producers. The good news is, that just by being an Organic Box Food Family member and committing to our network of growers, you have already taken the first step. Here are the top ways that your Organic Box Membership is helping you keep your family&#8217;s food costs under control: <strong>Local Local Local!</strong> We pride ourselves on sourcing products from all grocery categories from as close to home as possible. This means that the&#160;vast majority of our products are purchased from Canadian producers in Canadian dollars. <strong>Buying commitments = reduced volatility </strong> When we are planning our buying commitments each season, we take into consideration how many members we have and will have in the coming weeks and months. This information is vital for our growers and our trust-based buying is rewarded with consistent pricing from season to season. <strong>Seasonal Eating</strong> Certain food items are subject to way bigger swings in pricing based on availability. This year, climate issues really came to the forefront in terms of shortages and price spikes. We have weekly conversations with our growers to forecast seasonal issues and can plan when to buy products for their best value. <strong>Meal Planning</strong> By setting aside some time every week to plan meals around what will arrive in your box, you are making the most of your food dollars. &#160;By buying only what you need and avoiding supermarket impulse buys, you can be sure that your weekly or bi-weekly box is keeping you on budget. &#160;Having a weekly meal plan also makes for less stressful weeknights and an overall happier kitchen.