<h2>The In-Between Week</h2> <p>Every year, the week between Christmas and New Years is our smallest. Many families are either away from home or so stuffed with Christmas Dinner leftovers that they don&apos;t need a box from us until after New Years. No Problem! We plan for a smaller week but the complexity of getting food to Edmonton and the freight costs rise substantially so we ask that you please let us know AT LEAST 48 HOURS in advance that you don&apos;t want your box. We must hold this policy firm and we know that if you forget you won&apos;t mind donating your food to one of our three major charity partners - Ronald MacDonald House, The Youth Emergency Shelter and the Edmonton Food Bank. It is very rare that we waste food at The Organic Box and we can&apos;t let the in-between week be any different. Please see below for how to cancel your box using our holiday stops function on the website.</p> <p>The In-Between week also poses us logistical challenges as well - the fresh produce order from down south is already enroute to us now and will arrive on Christmas Eve so we&apos;ve had to make an educatedprediction onwhat everyone will order. We will be getting another truck on Dec 27 so we are hoping to be able to fill everyone&apos;s choices as close and possible but if there are more substitutions this week than usual you will know why. Brody has put together our usual excellent selection of items to choose from so please feel free to order what you want and we will work to fill it.</p> <h2>Holid<img title=&quot;Holiday Stops&quot; border=&quot;20&quot; alt=&quot;Holiday Stops&quot; align=&quot;left&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Holiday_Stops.png&quot; width=&quot;220&quot; height=&quot;268&quot; />ay Stops</h2> <p>This year we will be running our usual delivery schedule which means deliveries on Boxing Day, January 2 and all the days in between. We will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. If you are planning a trip away this year or won&apos;t need a box during the two weeks around the holidays please let us know now by using the &apos;Holiday Stops&apos; function on the member page.</p> <p>By taking the time now to let us know your schedule we can better plan our staffing, production and harvest plans to ensure we don&apos;t under or over-estimate these weeks. Usually we see a 30% drop in deliveries over the holidays. And don&apos;t worry, you can always change your mind right up until your order closes for the week, so let us know now and then if things change just log back in and update your schedule. We will really appreciate it.</p> <p>At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to get more of your shopping basket filled by Alberta and BC food producers. We can do it! You are helping!</p> <p>Havea Great Week!</p> <p>Danny.<br />Founder, The Organic Box.</p> <h2>FeaturedProducts</h2> <table cellspacing=&quot;15&quot; cellpadding=&quot;0&quot; bgcolor=&quot;#edf0e9&quot;> <tbody> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;TCDSatisfaction&quot; alt=&quot;TCDSatisfaction&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/tcdsatisfaction.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Local Organic/Fair Trade Chocolate</h2> <p><strong>The Chocolate Doctors </strong>is a local Edmonton chocolate company that specializes in raw, organic, fair-trade chocolate goodies. All of theirtreats are diary free and made from 100% wholesome and nutritious cocoa. So sidle up by the fire, read a good book, and snack on some melty chocolaty goodies from The Chocolate Doctors! </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;Eggnog&quot; alt=&quot;Eggnog&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/DA149-l.jpg&quot; width=&quot;162&quot; height=&quot;163&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Avalon Organic Egg Nog</h2> <p>They only make it 4 weeks a year and you have to wait to even order it, the demand is so high. But this year we&apos;ve managed to get on the list and so we have Organic Eggnog from Avalon Dairy in Vancouver on offer. Treat yourself and your loved ones with eggnog that you can feel slightly less guilty about indulging.There has been a hugerush to get hands on this delicious egg nog and this past week we have been promised first priority on it. So order up!! </p> <p>* Sorry! Rum not included!</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;CPSflour&quot; alt=&quot;CPSflour&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/CPSflour.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Local Flours</h2> <p>Check out all of the great local Organic grains and flours that we offer. All of your baking needs are met with a variety of Heritage and low-gluten options. Make all of your family favoritesfrom hand-milled local grains. Couldn&apos;t bebetter!</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img style=&quot;WIDTH: 155px; HEIGHT: 167px&quot; title=&quot;Avocado&quot; alt=&quot;Avocado&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/FTavocado.jpg&quot; width=&quot;155&quot; height=&quot;167&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Fair Trade Avocado</h2> <p>We are huge supporters of Fair Trade goods at The Organic Box and avocado season is coming into full swing in Peru and Mexico. These are absolutely easily going to be the best avocados you have ever tasted outside of their growing regions so stock up on some of &apos;Nature&apos;s Butter&apos; and enjoy an avocado on your toast in the morning... or cut up into your favourite salad. </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>