<p style="color: #141823;">We just got back from dropping off a box o' donated fruit to <a href="http://drawingroomedmonton.com/" target="_blank">The Drawing Room</a>&#160;&amp; their Park(ing) Day event on 97th Street!</p> <p style="color: #141823;">Look at those beautiful, smiling faces enjoying Organic Box fruit - thanks for including us&#160;in all the fun -&#160;we're always looking for ways of <em>Growing Better Together</em> in &amp; around Edmonton!<i class="_4-k1 img sp_LWp1MpKGrs1 sx_160c3b"></i></p> <p style="color: #141823;">The event runs today, September 19th, from <strong>noon until 8PM</strong>.</p>