It finally feels like spring has arrived.  The air is warm, the grass is getting greener every day, and the little plants that were starting to peek out from under the soil a few weeks ago are now entering their teenager phase, almost ready to start giving us their goodness.  Every week we are adding more local crops to the catalogue and it really is an exciting time. YOUR SUPPORT IS WHAT DRIVES US. When you order your groceries for delivery with The Organic Box, you are supporting not just one local business, but hundreds!  Your support is what allows these small Food Family producers the ability to continue to grow and put money back into our local community. If you are planning holidays please make sure that you have your holiday stop in before your cut off time so we can update your account. There are also some alternatives where you can still support local and have your holiday too.  Here are four ways you can support your Food Family this summer. 

Spring at Sand Springs Ranch

1.  Consider an alternate delivery arrangement! Is your order usually delivered on a Fridays but you're camping all summer?  No problem.  We offer pick up locations or we can try to shift your delivery date around to the best of our ability throughout the Greater Edmonton region and even in some of the smaller cities in the North.  Check our delivery area map to see if any of the pickup options will work for you.  We can also deliver to your workplace during the week if you would rather get it on a different delivery day.  Workplace deliveries are available almost every day of the week. Get in touch with us and we will make it happen!

2.  Give the gift of Good Food to a friend or loved one this summer. If you are away, send your box to your best friend or your loved ones and share the bounty of our local food system with them - we can redirect your order for one or more weeks, whatever you like, its no problem.

3. Switch your account settings to a DIY Box while you enjoy your garden. Many of us have planted a garden for the season so you may not need as much produce - so you can change your account settings so that you only receive an order when you choose to place an item in your basket. You can order a produce box or individual produce items if you would like. Make the switch and get the best of both worlds. 

4.  Donate your box to Charity when you are away. If you are planning a holiday away this summer, consider donating your produce to charity while you are away.  We have several partners that we work with to help feed people in all the communities we serve. 

Our food family is what makes The Organic Box so special and we want to work together to make our food system work for everyone, during all seasons, every year.