Have you noticed how long the days are getting?  Have you thought to yourself: "Self, it is such a joy to live in a place where June means lovely long days"?.  In mid-June we are grateful for our location, early mornings, late sunsets, thunderstorms and weeknights filled with activities. This solstice we are hoping for more rain to help ease the cutworm challenges.  We are thinking of the farmers tending tirelessly to their crops on these long days.  We are thankful for the tenacity and experience of these farmers to know how to deal with volatile June growing conditions. This week, while you are enjoying the best that June has to offer, think of the farmers and the knowledge they have to produce high-quality products week after week in the face of challenging obstacles.  Think of their resilience to trust in the earned knowledge of years of honing their farming skills and surrounding themselves with people who are eager to learn.  Raise a glass to those who have done the work to research the best practices for their land that ensure we have a steady supply of food year-round.  Tell your friends and neighbours that you support your local farmers because you want to see a world that understands and appreciates where food comes from. Let the long days be a reminder of how lucky we are to have access to fresh food and how important it is that those who grow the food are paid fairly for their skills and hard work.  Let us ring in summer and celebrate all that this season has to offer.