<strong>Farmers are planning and planting just for you!</strong> The short Alberta growing season means that our farmers plan all year to provide the best in local, organic produce that is available only during the summer months. We give them our membership numbers and they plant to meet that demand. <strong><em>Farmers plant whole fields specifically for Organic Box members</em></strong><em>.</em> For those farmers who are also at the market, these fields are in addition to their market plantings. So when planning your holiday stops this summer, remember that our Alberta farmers are working now for your summer bounty. A summer full of holiday stops means this food will go to waste. <strong>I will be away on vacation. How do I support these farmers? What are my options?</strong> There are many ways to adjust your Organic Box routine to suit your summer lifestyle. <ul> <li>Consider <strong>donating</strong> your Box to a local charity or to a friend or family member.&#160;&#160; We are happy to deliver to an alternate location and we work with many local charities.</li> <li>We offer <strong>pick up</strong> service on a day of your choice as well as delivery.&#160; Pick up your Box at our warehouse or at one of our drop locations before heading out of town.</li> <li>Ask us if we can <strong>change your delivery day</strong> to better suit your schedule.&#160; Depending on your location, we may be able to deliver on a different day of the week.</li> <li>Rather than blanket the summer months with holiday stops, <strong>pick and choose stops sparingly</strong> based on your travels or when your garden is ready.</li> <li>Use The Organic Box to <strong>supplement</strong> your farmers&#8217; market experience.&#160; We offer a full catalogue of items not found in your local market.&#160;&#160; Pick up your local produce at the market and then come home to an Organic Box filled with the rest of your grocery list, from milk to toilet paper to barbeque sauce.</li> <li>Switch to a <strong>Summer Fruit Box</strong>, a fruit-only box that contains certified organic fruit that we can&#8217;t grow in our gardens and can&#8217;t find at the market.&#160; The <strong>organic cherries</strong> from <em>Just-a-Mere Farm</em> in BC are quite possibly the best cherries on earth! Available only in August and only at The Organic Box.</li> </ul> <strong>Get in touch</strong> with us and we can help!&#160; We can set up any of the above options or find a solution tailor-made for your summer plans. This summer, we want you to have your Box and eat it too! The farmers are working for you and so are we.&#160; This summer, we are <strong>growing better together.&#160; &#160;&#160;</strong>