Ever wonder "<em>I wish I could have iced tea that wasn't so sweet &amp;&#160;not some diluted black tea flavour</em>"? Well this post is for you! This post details how to cold or sun steep your tea. I personally prefer cold steeping tea because it allows you to use less&#160;tea ensuring you can get the most out of your tea! The steps below are the same, the main difference between cold and sun steeping tea is whether you put it in the fridge or in direct sunlight. <ol> <li>Take any clear glass jug with a sealable lid and put in a desired amount of tea. (For sun steeping you may want to put more to ensure it is stronger after steeping because it will become diluted if you pour it on ice later).</li> <li>You can also sweeten your tea to a desired taste by adding agave, cane sugar, fresh berries, citrus fruits, etc.</li> <li>Fill with water and seal with the lid (if you do not have a lid, saran wrap or an <a href="https://membership.theorganicbox.ca/HDMI.aspx?page=Market&amp;HDMISearch0=abeego">Abeego wrap</a> work as well)! <ul> <li>For cold steeping place in the fridge for 8-10 hours.</li> <li>For sun steeping place in direct sunlight for 3-5 hours.</li> </ul> </li> <li>After steeping, strain the loose leaf or tea bags to&#160;serve or re-portion (I cold steep my tea before bed and re-portion in the morning in bottles/jars to have iced tea for the coming days).</li> </ol> Check out our selection of teas <a href="https://membership.theorganicbox.ca/HDMI.aspx?page=Market&amp;idCategoryMid0=257">here</a>! Most of them are on our <strong>Sizzling Summer Sale&#160;</strong>so get them while they are cold! <strong>Image from wikihow.com</strong>