Both sprouts and shoots are immature plants, but they differ in that shoots are slightly ‘older’ and are clipped from the seed. Shoots are packed with nutrients since they are harvested at the stage of development just before the plant explodes into maturity. Shoots are also packed with flavour and could not be any cuter. Sprouts is the entire plant including the seed, hence their name "sprout" - the sprouted plant from the seed!

A quick browse through our produce catalogue for the week shows the huge selection of shoots: Broccoli and Alfalfa sprouts, Pea shoots and a variety of mixes. 

Not sure where to start?  Sunflower and pea shoots offer a mild sweet flavour, you will recognize the notes of fresh peas and sunflower seeds.  Kale and broccoli shoots have a bright green flavour, not unlike their more mature counterparts.  The spiciest of the bunch is the radish shoot and its tiny size should not fool you.

Shoots make a superb addition to sandwiches and salads and can add a lovely green crunch to heavy-hitting entrees. Try out this vegan sandwich recipe for some inspiration.

Did you know that shoots can stand up to some heat and do really well when cooked slightly? Something to try this week!