<p class="bodycopy">The buds on the trees and the green grass mean that spring is finally here and I am sure you are just as eager as all of us to get outside and make the most of the ever-lengthening days.</p> <p class="bodycopy">Spring makes us automatically think of fresh produce, but the reality is that we are still a few weeks away from 2015&#8217;s first harvests.&#160; The nights are still cool, there is still a chance of frost (or even snow!) and even quick-germinating seeds will need some serious sunlight hours before the plants are ready to go.</p> <p class="bodycopy">That&#8217;s why in the spring time we love to eat up the last of 2014&#8217;s cold storage crops: Beets, carrots, potatoes and parsnips.&#160; These root crops were meant to be stored over winter and now that we are into spring, they are coming out of their dormant phase.&#160; You may notice your potatoes are eager to sprout if they get too warm or that your beets are minimally wrinkled from some moisture loss.&#160; They are both in fine form to eat and you may in fact find that they are sweeter and more tender than you even remember.&#160; So this shoulder season, choose local, choose Organic and choose root veggies.&#160; It may be months before we have fresh beets and carrots around here!</p>