<h2>Seeds Are Going In The Ground!</h2> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>Last week I called myfriend Eric, who owns Peas On Earth Organic Garden,and he answered his phone: &quot;Can&apos;t talk, too busy farming!&quot;</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>Finally, the snow is gone, the temperatures are up and it is time to get going. All our farming partners (including our own farm in Creston) are madly working to get the soil ready, greenhouses going, transplants underway, cold frames setup and everything seeded.</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>Our explosive growth this year has meant we will need more food than ever and we are planningto grow a massive amount of food this year. All the growers are near capacity, looking for every inch of land we can use to bring our certified organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables to you this year and through next winter. </p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>You&apos;ll start to see the first lettuce from Peas on Earth and the first outdoor sprouts from Sundog Organic in the next few weeks. We&apos;ve already started to receive greenhouse crops from British Columbia and the first harvest of summer produce from Oregon is well under way.</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>For the next eight to ten weeks you&apos;ll see our mix of local and non-local shift from one extreme to the next, and by late June it will be a local food extravagenzain your box. This is our fourth season with The Organic Box in Edmonton and it looks to be the most exciting. We have about fifty local growers in our program this year but here are the major produce producers who are ramping up to bring you your food this summer:</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;></p> <table style=&quot;WIDTH: 80%&quot; cellspacing=&quot;15&quot; cellpadding=&quot;15&quot; align=&quot;center&quot; valign=&quot;top&quot;> <tbody> <tr> <td style=&quot;WIDTH: 25%&quot; valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Peas on Earth Organic Garden</strong></td> <td>40 acres located just outside St Albert. Eric and Ruby are our main greens growers in the summer providing oodles of good lettuce, spinach, carrots and many other items through the fall.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Sundog Organic Farm</strong></td> <td>10 acres located near Gibbons north of Edmonton. James and Jennifer are craft growers, bringing us a huge variety of different field crops. The more choices the better with Sundog Organic and they work hard to make everything they grow into beautiful food.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Sunrise Gardens</strong></td> <td>Dawn and Kate are greenhouse experts - the gurus for growing microgreens, sprouts and grass in our city. You can get their sprouts in the box year round but they also offer us field crops like carrots and squash from their garden in the summer.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Halwa Farms</strong></td> <td>100 acres located near Thorsby south of Devon. Vince is our potato grower, producing tens of thousands of pounds of potatoes for us every year to store over the winter. Vince also owns Pangaea Market on 104 Street in downtown Edmonton.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Just A Mere Organic Farm</strong></td> <td>14 acres located in Creston, BC. Just A Mere is owned and farmed by Danny and Miranda, the owners of The Organic Box. Just A Mere Farm is our primary source of apples and cherries in the summer, and this year we are growing lots of melons, berries and sweetcorn too. Prepare yourself to drown in cherries this August.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Don Kepke &amp; Sons</strong></td> <td>Don and his son Randy make garlic magic happen on their 10 acre plot in Creston BC, right across the valley from our fruit orchard.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Meadow Creek Farms</strong></td> <td>30 acres in Wasketnau north of Edmonton. Mandy Melnik grows cucumbers and tomatoes for us in the summer and also brings us a good crop of potatoes for the fall.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Mans Organics</strong></td> <td>Mans Organics is located near Coaldale (southern Alberta)and is in a perfect spot to grow the best onions and shallots in Alberta. This year they also have new greenhouses that will be sending us long english cucumbers and hot house tomatoes.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Shady Lane Berry Farm</strong></td> <td>Lorne and Iva Moen are our berry growersin Northern Alberta, producing strawberries, saskatoons and raspberries in the summer. They also bring us sugar snap peas in July.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Leffers Brothers Organics</strong></td> <td>Howard and his brother grow some stellar beets and carrots right beside Joe Mans and his dairy in Southern Alberta.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Roy&apos;s Raspberries</strong></td> <td>Harvey and Lorraine are the dynamic duo behind Roy&apos;s Raspberries. Roy was Harvey&apos;s father and they continue the tradition of raspberry excellence in Spruce Grove. These are expert berry growers and they know exactly how much Albertans love Raspberries.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Sparrows Nest Organics</strong></td> <td>Graham Sparrow is a fixture in the Edmonton local organic food industry and we are always grateful to get speciality items from him in the late summer each year.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot;><strong>Sand Springs Ranch</strong></td> <td>Ty and Janice are new organic growers in Lac La Biche who we have brought into the food family in 2013 to double our vegetable production in the fall and summer. These are power growers and we are excited to see all the choices they bring us this year.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p></p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;></p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;><strong>OUR WAITLIST IS STILL GROWING</strong></p> <p>Miranda and I feel very strongly about ensuring that everyone gets a quality product from us every time they order. We call this our &apos;Fair Deal&apos; - fair for the growers, fair for us and fair for the member. Since the new year we have been experiencing substantial growth and so we must balance serving our existing members against bringing on new families. The best way to ensure this is to manage our rate of growth using a waitlist. Many of you who have been with us since 2011 will remember we had a similar challenge in the spring of that year too. Currently we have over 250 families on our waitlist.We have broken the weeks intosegments and if you look at our signup page you will see what week we are projecting your first delivery if you signup today. Our mission is to bring our food to everyone and anyone who wants it and we pledge to bring as many people on as possible.</p> <p>At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to get more of your shopping basket filled by Alberta and BC food producers. We can do it! You are helping!</p> <p>Havea Great Week!</p> <p>Danny.<br />Founder, The Organic Box.</p> <h2>FeaturedProducts</h2> <table cellspacing=&quot;15&quot; cellpadding=&quot;0&quot; bgcolor=&quot;#edf0e9&quot;> <tbody> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;Karma&quot; alt=&quot;Karma&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/karmaFT.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Fair Trade Fortnight</h2> <p>Fair Trade Fortnight started May 1st and runs until May 15th. It&apos;s an awareness campaign across Canada to promote Fair Trade options for produce that many of us enjoy all year. At The Organic Box we are huge supporters of Fair Trade Canada, and do our best to bring in these amazing fruits and vegetables whenever we can. In partnership with Discovery Organics, there are many new Fair and Direct Trade farms being established throughout Mexico and Central/South America. To celebrate the events this week we have several products to promote:</p> <p>FT Argentinian Pears<br />FT Mexican Melons - Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon<br />FTMexican Roma Tomatoes<br />FT Bananas (as always!)<br />FT Avocados (as always!)<br />FT Ginger Root<br />FT Passion Fruit<br />FT Coffee<br />FT Chocolate</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;Burgers&quot; alt=&quot;Burgers&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/BBQ(1).jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>It&apos;s BBQ Season!! </h2> <p>The weather has been fantastic and it&apos;s finally time to dust off the old BBQ, rake up the lawn, plant the garden, and then enjoy some tasty burgers with some friends in the backyard. Sunworks Farms has provided us with amazingly tasty <strong>beef burgers</strong>, and for the next two weeks they&apos;ll be on special, <strong>10% off</strong>!! We&apos;re really excited to try these beauties out. Pair it up with some BBQ sauce from Honey Bunny, as well as organic ketchup and mustard! Get ready for the May Long weekend the right way. Eat organic, local, and healthy. </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><a href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;try{window.open(&apos;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Peas%20on%20Earth.jpg&apos;, &apos;MyImage&apos;, &apos;resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes, width=790, height=580&apos;)}catch(e){};return false;&quot; onkeypress=&quot;this.onclick();&quot; title=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Peas on Earth.jpg&quot;><img src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/thumb_Peas on Earth.jpg&quot; border=&quot;0&quot; alt=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Peas on Earth.jpg&quot; title=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Peas on Earth.jpg&quot; /></a></td> <td><h2>Local Produce on the way!</h2> <p>You know it&apos;s spring when Eric at Peas on Earth answers the phone on his tractor. Getting the land ready for seeding is a major part of spring chores out on the farm, and is also a great indicator of things to come. Early crops that have been established in the greenhouses are ready for harvest, and this next week we are all in for an amazing treat! Fresh spinach and arugula from Peas on Earth are on the way. These beauty greens are so so tasty, and set the bar for the great produce that is coming at all summer long. So get those salad bowls ready! </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>