At the beginning of June - we had a BLAST! at the 34th Annual Edmonton Pride Festival. As a Green Sponsor - we were invited to provide fresh, organic fruits & veggies to help nourish the <strong>150+ proud Volunteers!</strong> It was a chance to start our summer with a bang - what a BANG it was! <strong>The Fruit Truck </strong>strutted-its-stuff in <strong>The Pride Parade</strong> down <em>Jasper Ave</em> & settled at <strong>The Market</strong> at <em>Churchill Square</em> for a day of festive fun - we made new friends and <strong>THE BANANA MAN</strong> was the talk of the town. In fact - ask around - he still is! <a href="/media/original_images/bananaman-e1411178360119.jpg"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4229" src="/media/original_images/bananaman-e1411178360119.jpg" alt="bananaman" width="200" height="268" /></a> Thank you for the memories, Edmonton! We hope to see you at the 35th Pride Festival next June.