What is a Persimmon & how to enjoy them!

In this week's boxes, there are Persimmons! They are a pretty unique fruit in that they are extremely seasonal and one variety can leave quite the aftertaste if not ripe! The 2 varieties of Persimmons we have are the Hachiya and the Fuyu. Both Persimmons come from a family-run farm, Twin Girls Farms in California. A Persimmon will most likely have imperfections like black marks, blemishes and other markings around the fruit.

The Hachiya is an astringent variety, which means that it has lots of tannins in it making it very bitter and causes your mouth to be dry if eaten when not ripe. When this variety is ripe it will feel like an underfilled water balloon (very squishy and soft,) it should be at the point where you would throw away most other fruits. (Trust us!)

The Fuyu can be better enjoyed at any point in the ripening process, however, as they ripen the flavour becomes even sweeter.

Let us know what you think about them when you get yours!