Around harvest time it is easy to be awed by the variety and amount of Alberta-grown produce.  Week after week we are blown away by the quality and selection and inspired to create dishes that showcase the beauty of our local bounty. But what about the kitchen staples?  Those workhorses that often go overlooked.  The milk in your cereal.  The bread for your sandwiches.  The eggs for your, well, eggs.  At The Organic Box, we know that there are great local sources of your pantry staples.  In addition to being totally tasty and fresh, by choosing to add non-produce items to your box every week, you are supporting Alberta producers all year long. Our Local-First philosophy means that whenever we are sourcing a product to carry, we will always start with local producers.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with these local producers and together we help them source raw ingredients, work on packaging and labeling, shorten the supply chain and provide a market for their excellent products. When an Alberta-local product is not available, we apply the same due diligence to products we source from BC, Canada and abroad.  Regardless of location, we choose family-owned, community-minded producers. If there is a pantry staple that you love and use week after week, help us forecast our ordering requirements by adding it to your Regular Delivery.  When browsing through the categories in <a href="" target="_blank">The Organic Market</a>, you can select to have products added to your order this week using the ‘This week only’ checkbox.  You can also select to have these products added to your Recurring Order by using the ‘Recurring’ checkbox.  Simply hit the ‘Add’ button and the product will be added to either this week’s order or your standing order or, if you hit BOTH checkboxes, this week AND all future orders. <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-5661" src="/media/original_images/Thisweek_Recurring-300x216.png" alt="Thisweek_Recurring" width="300" height="216" /></a> The only thing easier than having your produce delivered each week is to have to your produce AND pantry staples delivered each week.  Log into your account today and beef up your recurring order to meet your family’s needs and save yourself a trip. Is there a product you wish you could get delivered in your Organic Box every week?  <a href="" target="_blank">Drop us an email with your request</a> and let our skilled team source it locally.  We are always looking for ways to please our entire Food Family and we love to enlist your help to guide us.  Let local shine in your recipes all week long.