<p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">One of my favourite aspects of working at The Organic Box has been to see small, family-owned farms establish themselves and grow year over year.&#160; By creating a demand for high quality, local, Organic produce, small operations have been able to commit to their craft and invest in important infrastructure to grow their operations.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Origin Organics is an example of an outfit that has transitioned from conventional to Organic practices, committing to producing the highest quality tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the Fraser Valley in BC.&#160; Over the years they have developed a unique greenhouse system that focuses on high-quality compost, an in-house fertilizer and a sophisticated irrigation system that ensures no contamination from neighbouring farms.&#160; </span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">One of the biggest challenges with hot house farming is controlling insects, both beneficial (for pollination) and harmful (to prevent pest damage).&#160; OriginO employs unique biological controls to hit a balance between bees, predatory wasps, ladybugs and aphids.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">The Organic Box is proud to support farms like Origin Organics and every year we are thrilled to bite into the first peppers of the season!</span></p>