<div class="special_formatting_quote" style="color: #3d3c40"> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"> [caption id="attachment_4298" align="aligncenter" width="680"]<a href="http://blog.theorganicbox.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/hannah-with-dessert.jpg"><img class="wp-image-4298 size-large" src="/media/original_images/hannah-with-dessert-1024x678.jpg" alt="it was gone within the hour!" width="680" height="450" /></a> Hannah with her dessert - it was gone within the hour![/caption] At the beginning of September it was our dear office assistant/receptionist Hannah's birthday. As per Organic Box tradition, we had birthday treats! This dessert is simple, requires about an hour of prep time, and is ready to eat right away! </div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width">Personally, I enjoy playing around with recipes in the kitchen. This one is a combination of a variety of favourites from my early adventures with food. I scoured through a book of handwritten recipes to combine three flavour favourites from the pantry: mocha, fresh fruit, and whipped cream.</div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width">This did require a few ounces of extra creative energy for a few alterations to maintain a healthy, entirely Organic Box ingredient list as well as the variety of food sensitivities present. These include my own allergies to nuts and eggs, as well as for the folks avoiding gluten and dairy - this one even had a vegan counterpart to be accessible to all. (just leave off the whipped cream and ganache!)</div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"> <hr /> </div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"><strong>SUPPLIES:</strong></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width">- 2 bowls, 2 glass measuring cups, a saucepan, stirring utensil, and a couple spoons.</div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width">- Electric mixer (or hand whisk) for whipped cream.</div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width">-serving dish of your choosing (it doesn't need to be heat-safe)</div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"> <hr /> </div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"></div> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"><strong><span class="copyonly">></span>>LAYER 1 - MACAROON CRUST <<</strong></div> </div> <span style="color: #3d3c40">- 2 cups shredded <em>Organic Box bulk shredded coconut</em></span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1/2 cup Gold Top coconut oil + 2 Tbsp honey</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 5 Tbsp <em>Camino FairTrade cocoa</em></span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 3 Tbsp (or so) coarse ground coffee beans</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1 tsp vanilla extract</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 2 Tbsp fruit juice (I used reserve from layer #3 - the fruit medley)</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- handful <em>Gold Top Hemp Hearts</em></span> <span style="color: #3d3c40">Stir each item into previous items until all blended and desired taste/texture. Should be able to be patted into a pan and hold shape. Chill until firm (or until the next stage is complete).</span> <div class="special_formatting_quote" style="color: #3d3c40"> <div class="content dynamic_content_max_width"><strong><span class="copyonly">>>LAYER</span> 2 - CHOCOLATE GANACHE<<</strong></div> </div> <span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1/2 cup Avalon whipping cream</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1 block baking chocolate (70%), chopped into small cubes/chunks</span> <span style="color: #3d3c40">Using a tall container (a glass measuring cup works), boil whipping cream (up to 1 minute in microwave). Or, use the stovetop. Watch it very carefully, just until bubbles form. Too much heat will separate the cream. </span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">Add chocolate. S</span><span style="color: #3d3c40">tir until smooth and let stand for 5 minutes. S</span><span style="color: #3d3c40">pread on crust and c</span><span style="color: #3d3c40">hill until next stage is ready.</span> <strong><span style="color: #3d3c40">>>LAYER 3 - FRUIT MEDLEY<<</span></strong><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">(Add as many fruits as you have! fresh, frozen, cooked, uncooked..... the possibilities are endless here! I used mostly frozen Organic Box goods leftover from the summer!)</span><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1/2 cup mixed Ranier/Skeena cherries (halved, pitted)</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">-  1/2 cup blueberries</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 6 (fresh) Italian Plums, sliced</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- splash (2 Tbsp) coconut water/mango juice from Happy Planet (or any juice you have on hand!)</span> <span style="color: #3d3c40">When it had boiled/simmered for 5 minutes, I added 1 Tbsp of tapioca granules. (anything to thicken works!)</span><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">Let sit to cool and thicken. Once a desired consistency and temperature, spread this on the chocolate, carefully! It helps to use a large spoon or spatula and drop generous dollops first, then carefully spread with gentle pressure.</span><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">Chill for 15 mins or so.</span><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><strong><span style="color: #3d3c40">>>LAYER 4 - WHIPPED CREAM<<</span></strong><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">- 1 500mL container of <em>Avalon whipping cream</em>, whipped. (whatever is left in the container after making the ganache)</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- sprinkle of <em>Organic Box bulk cane sugar</em> on top</span><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">Add to top when ready to serve.</span> <strong><span style="color: #3d3c40">>>LAYER 5 - GARNISH<<</span></strong><span class="para_break" style="color: #3d3c40"><i class="copy_only"> </i></span><span style="color: #3d3c40">- fresh fruit on top of <em>Avalon whipping cream</em></span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- slices of lemon (optional)</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- grated chocolate (from <em>Organic Fair 70% baking chocolate</em> block)</span><br style="color: #3d3c40" /><span style="color: #3d3c40">- anything!!!</span> We hope you have fun playing with a variety of options at hand with this. It does not require a specific kind of fruit or crust (you could leave out the coffee beans if you're limiting caffeine, for example), and is healthy enough to be breakfast if you so desire! We love dessert for breakfast. Don't you? Please let us know how your Mocha Fruit Medley turns out and what you did differently to make it your own! [caption id="attachment_4299" align="alignnone" width="680"]<a href="http://blog.theorganicbox.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/hannah-dessert.jpg"><img class="wp-image-4299 size-large" src="/media/original_images/hannah-dessert-1024x678.jpg" alt="I used a shallow flan pan to be able to have a thin crust for many to enjoy, but it would work in any size serving dish!" width="680" height="450" /></a> I used a shallow flan pan to be able to have a thin crust for many to enjoy, but it would work in any size serving dish![/caption]