<p>Blue-Berries that is! In the depths of February, the sweet and tangy pop of a blueberry is something to savour.  Luckily for us, February is peak season for Fair Trade Blueberries from Interrupcion in Chile.  </p> <p>Fair Trade fruit is a wonderful option this time of year. At The Organic Box, our local-first philosophy ensures that whenever possible, we source products from local producers and growers. When geographically local options are unavailable, we look to our Fair Trade growers and cooperatives as our next local choice. We like to define ‘Local’ beyond just distance. When making buying choices, we look at the grower’s values and seek out products that are coming from Organic producers who are committed to environmental stewardship, safe and fair working conditions for the workers, a strong and vibrant community and, of course, excellent quality food.  </p> <p>We consider these Fair Trade producers to be ‘local’, because by buying directly from them, a maximum benefit goes to their local community and employees. By supporting them, we are contributing to the local economy right where the food is being grown, ensuring a sustainable food supply and a thriving local agricultural community.</p>