Our month-long get to know you is wrapping up this week. We have already met the people who pack your box, deliver your box in greater Edmonton and the office crew who work behind the scenes to make everything happen each week.

It is now time to shine the spotlight on the team scattered over Northern Alberta who make deliveries to Fort McMurray, Peace River, Hinton and Athabasca possible.

Fort McMurray

Allow us to introduce you to Krista, pictured in this week’s header. Krista is the face of all our deliveries in Fort McMurray. In addition to dropping off your orders at the doorstep, she also coordinates the pickup locations and staffs several events in the community. Krista is the definition of optimism and has the ability to solve problems with her smile. She is eternally positive and we are so grateful to have her on our team.

Peace River

In 2015, we partnered with the PeaceFull Pantry to launch in Peace River. On alternating Wednesdays, Annette coordinates member pickup and is aces as troubleshooting any shipping concerns. It has been very valuable to have someone with experience in the community to pinpoint inconsistencies in fulfillment and help refine our delivery processes to best serve satellite communities.

The Organic Box Ambassador Program

In Hinton and Athabasca, our success relies heavily on our partnered Organic Box Ambassadors. These individuals take on some responsibilities to ensure that pickup day goes smoothly and in return and rewarded with discounts on their own Organic Box orders. These responsibilities include: contacting members for pickup, helping with the truck unloading, getting in touch with our office team in case of any issues, overseeing any donations to our partnered charities and other tasks along this vein.

The benefits of becoming an Organic Box ambassador stretch beyond the discount on your order, you also become part of a community of engaged, food-loving people and get treats and other perks sent up from our Edmonton team.

We are always looknig for new Ambassadors, especially in cities that are interested in receiving the Organic Box. If you know someone who would be a great fit, send them to: