Feel Good With This Drink Recipe!

Start 2019 off feeling good with this drink recipe! There are so many different ways that you could prepare this drink, and you can substitute or add in extra ingredients as you see fit; This version is just our favourite! The lemons will help to cleanse & alkalize the body, the ginger and mint will add a kick to help keep your body burning and help with digestion, cucumbers aid in hydration and are anti-inflammatory. Plus all the minerals and vitamins combined will help give you a little boost of energy. 



Add all the above ingredients into a jar with a sealable lid, and allow the ingredients to steep for 12 hours. Stir and enjoy. You can also refrigerate this drink for two days at any point throughout the day!

Possible substitutions are Basil or Cilantro leaves, Ginger root powder, you could also blend it for a smoothie or anything else you might prefer!