Compound butter - or "finishing butter" - can be stored in the freezer or the refrigerator to be used at will! It's such an easy way to brighten your cooking and will impress anyone when you put out a loaf of<span class="text_exposed_show">&#160;fresh&#160;<a class="_58cn" style="color: #3b5998;" href="" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;*N&quot;,&quot;type&quot;:104}">#Local</a>&#160;bread and gorgeous&#160;<a class="_58cn" style="color: #3b5998;" href="" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;*N&quot;,&quot;type&quot;:104}">#Green</a>&#160;butter!</span> Ingredients: Garlic scapes - 5 or 6 wands, or 1 cup coarsely chopped Unsalted butter - play around w/ the amount - roughly 2 sticks Lemon zest - 2.5 tablespoons Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons, freshly-squeezed Sea salt - 1/2 teaspoon Instructions: Add the garlic scapes to a food processor or blender &amp; mince. Add the butter, lemon zest, lemon juice and sea salt and blend until thoroughly mixed. Transfer the butter to a piece of parchment or foil &amp; roll it like a burrito. Store the butter in the refrigerator to harden &amp; keep for up to 2 weeks. Or store the butter in the freezer &amp; slice off whenever you need it. Try it wherever you enjoy butter - even on Corn-On-The-Cob&#160;<i class="_4-k1 img sp_X89Hd6znsvn sx_d5d889"></i>