Prepare on a weeknight for easy lunch snacks. <ul> <li>1 &#190; cups walnut or pecan halves</li> <li>2 cups brown sugar</li> <li>3 cups rolled oats, divided</li> <li>1 cup all-purpose flour</li> <li>1 cup whole wheat flour</li> <li>1 &#189; tsp salt</li> <li>1 tsp baking powder</li> <li>8 oz. unsalted butter, cut into small pieces</li> <li>2 cups fruit jam (any flavour)</li> </ul> Preheat oven to 350&#730;.&#160; Line a 9x13 baking dish with parchment paper. In a food processor, pulse the walnut or pecan halves until coarsely chopped.&#160; Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add in the brown sugar and 2 cups of oats. Add to the food processor the remaining oats, flours, salt and baking powder.&#160; Pulse repeatedly until the oats have a flour-like consistency.&#160; Add the butter and pulse until fully incorporated. Add flour mixture to oat mixture and stir until well combined. Scoop half of the mixture into the prepared pan and press down firmly, hitting all of the edges.&#160; Spoon the jam evenly and top with remaining oat mixture.&#160; Bake for 35 minutes.&#160; Allow to cool before cutting. <strong>Recipe and photo adapted from &#160;See the original post <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</strong>