Oh, the holidays! Can you pinpoint one specific thing that makes this time of year so special? Just one! Would it be all the twinkling lights? Those bright coloured boxes under the tree? Indulging in ALL your favourite foods with your favourite people?

 While all of these things do rank pretty high on our list (especially the food), we would have to say that the defining factor of the holidays is its rich and unified spirit of giving—one that seems to come more alive and shine more brilliantly right now, during this particular month. It fills us with an immense pride to see our larger community and our individual food family members actively looking for opportunities to give back.   

 It is in this spirit that we once again partner with the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton to proudly reprise our holiday hamper sponsorship program. Since 2014, this holiday tradition fulfills our Holiday Mission of providing our food family members with a simple way to spread the spirit and to support our fellow Edmontonians in need.

 So how does it work? Through our online ordering catalogue , our food family members can add a holiday hamper to their own order, selecting from one of three different size boxes available. From there we will do the heavy lifting, including the coordination, packaging and delivery of this very special holiday hamper. Our team will donate their time to distribute everything at cost to ensure these families get the absolute most from your donated dollar, and so you can feel extra good about sharing quality food with those who need it.

 It is essentially a holiday win-win-win. With one click, a family in need will receive access to local, healthy foods. The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton will get vital support to continue their 76-year history of providing festive meals across the city. And everyone can feel good about helping to strengthen our community and to enrich the spirit of the season.

 And because this time of year is all about caring, sharing and gratitude. We cannot let this opportunity escape us without saying THANK YOU, food family. You inspire us to strive for bigger and better things, to work harder for you and to make this community a happier, healthier place. May this season’s warmth surround you and everyone you love most.