The stockings are hung from the chimney with care and the last minute meal planning is all but finished. Here is to all of the hard work that you do to make the holidays special for your family.  Maybe your job is to cook breakfast or to make the cookies or to wake everyone up or maybe your job is to  get outside and enjoy the winter on these special holiday days.  Whatever your job is this year, we know that you are doing it with grace and purpose. Having your Organic Box delivered this week is be a nice reminder about how easy it can be support your local producers and be a member of a growing food community that is engaged with the food system in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. We know that the holidays can also be a time when routines are disrupted and regular life is pre-empted for parties and get-togethers.  This can be both fun and fatiguing.  To you we wish a holiday season filled with rest and laughs, joy and good food. We hope this time of year brings you peace and is filled with all of the things you love.  The extra long nights and extra crisp days are a reminder for us to take time and be grateful for what we have to celebrate; A Food Family filled with caring farmers, skilled makers, hard-working employees and conscientious members. Happy Holidays from all of us at The Organic Box.  May your days be Merry and Bright!