[gallery link="none" ids="4086,4088,4090,4091,4092,4093,4094,4095,4096"] This recipe should make approximately three 7" cakes. INGREDIENTS <ul> <li>2 1/2 Cups white flour</li> <li>1 Teaspoon coarse salt</li> <li>2 Teaspoons sesame oil</li> <li>1 Cup hot water</li> <li>1 Bunch green onions</li> <li>&#188; lb. garlic scapes</li> <li>Canola oil (for frying)</li> </ul> INSTRUCTIONS Combine the flour, salt, and &#160;sesame oil. Slowly add water while mixing with hands until dough forms (be sure not to add too much water as to make the dough too sticky). Knead the dough thoroughly until smooth. Once done, roll into ball and put under a damp cloth while preparing the vegetables. Wash garlic scapes and green onions&#160;and dry thoroughly. Remove&#160;the green&#160;tops&#160;and &#160;roots from the green onions and compost&#160;or save for another recipe. &#160;Trim the tops and bottoms off the garlic scapes as well (see pictures 1 &amp; 2). Mince&#160;the green onion stems and the garlic scapes, either by hand or in a food processor (the latter is easier). Flour the rolling surface&#160;and use a rolling pin to roll out the dough as thinly as possible. Once rolled out, rub the dough with some sesame oil and top with the minced garlic scapes and green onions (picture 4). Start at one end and roll the dough into a log. While rolling, you &#160;may need to add more onions and minced garlic scapes to compensate for the stretching out of the dough. &#160;Make sure the green onions and garlic scapes are evenly distributed through the rolled dough. Once rolled up, cut into three equal pieces (picture 5) and swirl each of them into a cinnamon bun&#160;shape (picture 6). Roll out the swirled roll with a rolling pin as thinly as possible again (picture 7). Heat up a frying skillet over medium heat with a thin layer of canola oil covering the bottom of the pan. One by one, fry the green onion cakes until both&#160;sides are golden brown. To know when a&#160;side is done, the edges should start to become browned and crispy-looking (picture 8). SAUCE GAME We all know that the entire green onion &amp; garlic scape cake experience comes down to the type of sauce &#160;you choose for dipping. &#160;What kind of sauce is up to you; personally, I prefer Chili &amp; Garlic sauce. Below I have included other sauces that are commonly used: <ul> <li>Chili &amp; Garlic sauce</li> <li>Soy sauce</li> <li>Sour cream</li> <li>Sweet &amp; sour sauce</li> <li>Plum sauce</li> <li>Sriracha</li> <li>Hoisin sauce</li> <li>Malt vinegar</li> </ul> Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments how they turned out for you, or if you have any sauces or sauce recipes to add.