This week we give thanks.  We give thanks to our farmers and the land that they oversee.  We give thanks to our Food Family for the community they represent.  We give thanks for the opportunity to try new recipes and fall in love with heirloom varieties.  We give thanks to all those who support our mission to change the food economy in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.  We give thanks to those that lend their voices and help us grow and improve. Harvest season is a time of recognition for a job well done and a season of hard work.  It is a time to reflect on what fortunes have arrived and what roots we have put down.  Let us be thankful for the challenges that we have faced and the power to be graceful in the face of a challenge.  Let us be thankful for having the ability to work hard and to prosper in any fruits of that hard work. Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, culminating with a feast shared with loved ones. As a part of our Food Family, you have earned a place at our table and we give thanks for your presence.  We honour you by cooking a meal and enjoying it slowly. We want to bring you the best products in every category, like the Long Pie Pumpkin for your harvest dessert.  This heirloom variety was the original pie pumpkin, with smooth, flavourful flesh.  Its flesh is virtually stringless and there are fewer seeds in each pumpkin than newer varieties.  This pumpkin variety was nearly lost.  A determined seed saver has been working to grow its popularity (pun intended!) and we are thrilled to offer them to you this year.  So far, we love this pumpkin.  It really lives up to its name; it IS long and it IS perfect for pie.