<strong>Here Comes Fall</strong> Just like that, summer is gone and fall is upon us. &#160;With only a week left until Labour Day and back to school there is so much to be done before the evenings start to cool and the darkness comes earlier. For our food family, September means the best bounty of the season, with the majority of our fresh produce being harvested and made available. &#160;I know this is hard to believe, with over one hundred local produce items in our catalogue already! &#160;But soon, the corn, the potatoes, the beets, the kale and our own farm's&#160;pride and joy, BC cantaloupe and BC watermelon, will be brought in from the fields and put into your box. Also, don't forget about the other 800 non-produce items we carry, everything from organic eggs, bread and milk, to lots of artisan soup mixes, salad dressings and pantry items like flour and dried beans and peas. &#160;You really have no reason to delve into the inner isles of the supermarket, we have pretty much everything you need, all organic and all produced by families just like ours. We are currently building a new storage and processing facility in south Edmonton that will house over 15,000 square feet of organic goodness for our city. &#160;We are harvesting and storing record amounts of local fruits and vegetables this fall and we will continue to push our local food seasons as far as possible into the winter months and keep our promise of keeping your food dollar in your community and supporting the local food producers that make up our food family in Alberta and BC. &#160;Your support makes it possible and we are so grateful for everyone who makes the choice to feed their family with the food produced by ours. You can read all about what we have available this week by taking a look at our <a title="New This Week" href="https://www.theorganicbox.ca/new-this-week" target="_blank">New This Week</a> page on our website. <strong>Some New Box Options</strong> We want you to fill your pantry and your cupboard with local organic options and so we are making available some special pantry boxes that you can add to your regular order that will give you a great selection of items and save you some money in the process! &#160;Look for bulk discounts on these items and lots of different options as we move through the fall months. &#160;This week we are offering the "Back To School Box"! <strong>Lets Keep Growing</strong> <p style="color: #3d3d3d;">At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to fill more of your shopping basket with Alberta and BC food products.&#160; We are growing better together!</p> <p style="color: #3d3d3d;">Have&#160;a Great Week!</p> <p style="color: #3d3d3d;">Danny. Founder, The Organic Box.</p>