Its January again, and this means freezing cold temperatures, lots of snow in the mountains, and weather delays. In the winter months, and quite often in the summer months too, fresh food can travel thousands of miles in refrigerated trucks and sit in warehouses for days before getting to store shelves. At The Organic Box, we have worked very hard to build an alternative system of food that combines lots of local stored product plus local greenhouse produced items with imports from California and Mexico. However, our imports are different. Because we are certified organic, and only work with small producer collectives and independent growers, our food is often harvested only days before arriving in Edmonton for your orders. It is a fantastic mix of local storage and just-in-time produce delivery that maximizes freshness and value for our members. However, mother nature can sometimes get in the way and her wrath is often felt on the Trans-Canada or Coquihalla highways in BC. Avalanches, collisions and other closures can sometimes have an impact on availability of our product - and when this happens we pull out all the stops to ensure that you still get value in your box. Because we have gathered so much local food here in Edmonton, even the worst storms can't slow us down, and because our team is dedicated to providing the best service, we often meet trucks in the middle of the night or pickup orders from the depot in the wee hours of the morning to ensure that you get the food you need for your family. It is a labour of love and we are so grateful for your support. This past week we had a major snow event in the mountains that saw multiple highway closures and delayed trucks. Our team here in Edmonton came together and did what it does best - make it work for everyone. If you were missing some items from your box this week, they will be replaced in your next order or you will receive a credit from us. Your support means our success in our continuing mission to increase the amount of local food we have in your box in February. This is our fifth year since starting on this journey and every year we are extending the season and growing more locally for everyone. Our food family here in Alberta and beyond is so happy to have your support and commitment to us, we truly are Growing Better Together. All the best, Danny Co-Founder